Hi, I am Temi Ajibewa

Your Personal Brand Expert and Coach, Business Coach for Coaches,  Author, Mentor, and Transformational Speaker, but beyond the titles lies a story of personal reinvention. From battling chronic people-pleasing syndrome to becoming an Amazon best-selling author, I am passionate about helping organizations and individuals express their full potential.

Today, as a result of what I do, visionary leaders and organizations across different sectors are…

As a believer, my work is my worship to God and so whatever I cannot offer to God in worship (service), you will not catch me offering it to my clients, His children. This is why I bring my 100% every time I show up to deliver any of my solutions.

With my coaching and consulting solutions focused on personal transformation and branding, I bring clarity, execution, and impactful speed to empower professionals, business leaders, and organizations to build their thought leadership so that they can increase their brand’s equity, impact, and influence. 

Also praised as ‘The Electric Temi,’ I am a premier personal brand strategist and coach, elevating business and professional leaders into influential thought leaders. Renowned for my ground-breaking work in edu-tech through Win or Win Academy and The Millionaire Housewife Initiative, I bring the much-needed expertise to guide organizations striving to elevate productivity and effectiveness.

Drawing upon my extensive experience in collaborating with numerous experts and organizations as a transformational coach, rest assured that exceptional results are guaranteed when you enlist my services.


  1. Clarity: I provide profound clarity to unlock your highest potential. 
  2. Execution: I pride myself on being fast and efficient in executing to achieve goals. 
  3. Speed: I will teach you how to execute with speed and passion.


Quest for Significance

I aspire to be part of people's success stories, leaving a lasting impact.

Quest for Freedom

 I thrive on having the freedom of decision, money, and location.

Quest for Luxurious Comforts

I believe my work should help me feel safe and worthy of striving for top-quality comfort and luxury in life and enjoying it.

With extensive experience collaborating with experts and organizations, rest assured, exceptional results are guaranteed when you work with me. But I suspect you knew that already because here you are reading my page. You, my friend are the one we want to do work with. In a sea of ordinary dare to stand out and showcase the extraordinary.

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